3 steps to make your business visible

February 12, 2016 argigriego

We all worry if any business is visible or not to attract new customers. In a market saturated with brands, messages and products it is imperative to know how to make a dent and highlight.

3 steps to make your business visible

The easy but expensive way: advertising. With budget, one can become visible. Another question is whether that investment is profitable or not. Let’s see how we can make visible business in 3 steps:

1. Be creative

An example of visual creativity are corporate paper elements such as business cards and product dossiers. Or, if you decide to advertise, get the ad to break with the usual and surprise. Indeed, some advertisers recommend using techniques such as humor or emotional.

If you are creative in the forms you will also be able to capture the audience’s attention and excite them. Here we could include Street Marketing actions or concrete events to present a product or promote any service. If you are going to present a new collection of clothes, do not make a conventional parade, get up and pick an unthinkable place with a surprising staging.


3 steps to make your business visible


2. Be Different

There are many factors that can help you to distance yourself from the competition. Some are:

The quality of the service can be another differentiation. Customer service and reaction to a problem are often differential services between companies competing in the same sector.
Price can be a key factor to differentiate yourself from the competition. The low cost fashion has marked a before and after.
The product can offer an additional feature to what it already has.
The way in which you distribute a brand your products or services can be a good way to differentiate yourself. The public is now calling for rapid and effective distribution.

3. Highlight

To begin with, your business must have a brand. A name and logo that facilitates its recognition among the public.

That peculiar factor should not have your competition. The correct thing is to analyze and know your audience, what customs and attitudes have in your life. If you do, you’ll know how to get their attention.

Let’s see if you know your audience. Would you know how to answer these questions?

How is the audience you are targeting?
What do you like to do in your free time?
What are the traits that unite you as potential customers?
Is your product or service for this type of audience?
What emotion does your brand convey?
If after answering all the questions you see that you are offering the product or service that your audience wants, I congratulate you because you have a well focused business.