3 UI Designing diets: Design for yourself

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3 UI Designing diets: Design for yourself

Being a designer and creating UI portfolios on pages like Dribbble and Behance is a great way to increase traffic and potential clients.

You are able to show around your ideas, technique, innovative expressions, and make the exposure even wider.

That’s more than great. I’ve seen many great designers and big agencies establishing themselves by presenting outstanding work.

Still sometimes we feel we are bit limited on the way we use our websites and portfolios either as UI Designers or Graphic Designers, App Designers UX, Prototyping etc.

I decided to invest some of my time and design a portfolio from scratch, to present selected projects. While I’m still in the process of doing this, I thought I’d share some of my views on why I’m doing this:

  1. Host

I am starting from deep scratch like BLANK canvas, and I control ALL. From aesthetics, to navigation, I redesigned my portfolio, not cause I was obliged to, but more as to show to people, I am using the proper tools, the technologies they are after, in the proper way, demonstrating that way, the I CAN card, which is the issue of why recruiters and companies still get in touch with me: They understand I got plenty to show and share.

I am presenting my work, my design, and I host my work on my portfolio, all details matter and count so that way, I show more flexible ways as per default navigations of a profile to other Designing accounts I got. Moreover, it’s highly important how the presentation will look like. The fact that you I am not limited, means a lot: I can overdo fade in/out/right/left animations or scrolling effects and the website will perform slower or I can provide as many effects as I really need to demonstrate my aesthetic and still end up with a perfectly performing website.


  1. Centralize activity

For sure you already are a member in a bunch of social media networks. When you end up with your own portfolio web presence, you can start building upon it. This is the place to maybe start include instagram posts or some articles you published — everything in one place. One thing is for sure, your portfolio is not going to replace your social media by any means, still it will be a starting point for people who want to look up to you.

So, since you manage to centralize your activity this way you can start having the proper analytics and be able to identify all traffic, where it comes from, engagements etc.

  1. Challenge

Designing for yourself is not that hard after all, as long as you know what you need to show. That means that you are going to solve a problem you have when you want.

it’s investment: you’ll invest your time to yourself. So you need to take that risk  as to work for the best return possible.

That is my 3 UI Designing diets: Design for yourself tips. Hopefully when all my Case Studies are online, will love to share them with you all.

Argyris is a designer – Developer, currently pushing pixels at Ragnarock. Feel free to view his work on Behance.

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