4 UI tools for Infographics made easy

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4 UI tools for Infographics made easy

4 UI tools for Infographics made easy are the common 4 tools needed as to design an infographic.

Sometimes a difficult and research-intensive task. From research point of view, to design conveys that get the right message, is a process that is intense and needs skills.

4 UI tools for Infographics made easy

1. Creativity

Just like any other project, whether it’s web-design or just a simple print, creativity is very important as to achieve the defined goals and planning for success.

So, before you open any software you normally use, like Illustrator or open up Photoshop, write down this question:

What is your goal, a specific crowd or just go viral?

Obviously if the goal is to inform people working at a big corporation, the information and design will be very different than if your goal was to make your infographic go just viral online.
The client or corporation or company you work for needs to lead you somewhere and guide you about the goal to be reached.

2. Wireframing Structure

Once you’ve settled on what the goals are and have a rough draft of a plan or checklist, it’s time to start gathering information and data.

Tools like that should be used only to strengthen your research, do not use the information you find via those tools as is— always back everything up by crediting sources like Wikipedia, Government pages, established publications and blog, and trusted survey results for example.

3. Evolve the idea

The data you chose to display on your infographic needs to flow very well. It should read effortlessly and be very easy to scan.

So, why not evolve and think as a user instead? Why not try new things, that will intrigue the eyes of your readers, audience, will get stuck into a small sketch, that might work, right?


A highly recommended good looking design, as research, should go for either  Infographic World, or blogs and publications like datavisualization.ch . Still these link pages are just an indication, there are lots more out there online so, do your research wise.

4. Design

Extremely valuable is the feedback from our client, so as it goes to the Design, you follow instinct.

Just  remember that you got hired to design their infographic because you are the designer and research expert, never forget they’re the ones who probably know the most about their company or industry though — there’s nothing wrong in asking your client for feedback and even to provide some industry-specific information or resources.

These were my thoughts, and this is how I see right now happening in the industry for Infographics. Tools are always inside you and me, the Designers, so, we only need to be professionals, use professionally all tools available each time, and when in lack of the professional tools, try to use  the freebie version, still I prefer not to low quality but give best value to my strength as for contents,

Will wait for your feedbacks, is always nice to know what you people think about it, I am always open to suggestions and thoughts, and discussions

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