5 ideas for creating content Blog posting variety

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Ideas of creating content, and make your Blog posting vary, but which one DOES work?

In my opinion, these are 5 ideas for creating content Blog posting variety:


  • Infographic Data presentation


Providing more than just a graphic is a must. When creating an infographic, we first need to introduce some graphics and background.

Step two, is showing more of your research, as for readers – writers to understand what it is all about. There are few readers online who really put this part, and skip to the graphic, but others are gladly willing to read, as long as this adds more info to the graphic.

There are few online resources as to go for, and create infographics, as Canva etc.

Point: When you create high quality and engaging content, that really reached your target audience, you increase readership and improve engagement.


  • Tutorial for Youtube or Readers


It has been a long time since that was said like – You want to drink water.. go to the source. Still nowadays, source can always be 1 button click distance, and you can have access instantly.

There are more than billions online Youtube videos, with instructional content every year that really rank high in social media shares.

You only need the idea, not that much of an expertise, and find out what really want people to know, learn. So, this is a great way to start building a step by step guide for your readers – Followers

Readers, share the interest and they are eager to learn more. Offer some background in the introduction. Why should people know what you’re about to teach them? Why don’t most people know it already? And why are you the best person to teach it?

For the step-by-step instructions, number your steps and make each step simple enough that anyone can quickly complete it. Provide photos or videos at regular intervals.

Point: With a how-to post, you’re helping them acquire their own hands-on experience. In the title of your how-to post, include “How to” or provide the specific number of steps the process will take.


  • Single topic detailed


Longer posts can give you additional time on to your post and can engage a conversation with your readers online as comment.
Your articles must be well written, insightful and easily digestible.
A good idea is always to divide the post to short sections, and create visual breaks as for the readers to follow text and read easier.

Point: Make sure that when you finish your post, the best comes at last, so, last point shall be the most interesting of the post, so that it ties everything together, and provide suggestions to the readers to explore more of the topic of the post.


  • Product reviews

Product reviews


Consumers want honesty about products and you are the one who will provide them with a honest opinion about a product. Four out of five people, rely nowadays on internet info, before they buy something.

As a blogger your readers (loyal ones and random ones), trust your opinion. Share your interest and will to hear what you have to say about a new product.

Point: Two – three sentence intro is a must for the product – What it is all about – Potential users – Why review?


  • Readers List



7 ways to move technology to next level

8 tips for being a good blogger

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Readers just ADORE lists. Lists are shared on Social M?edia more often than other type of article.

Provide then with useful information about each item so that readers can really learn something.

Less lists, more deep text, instead of 1-2 sentences.

Point: Readers need to think – Make them feel they are left with some parting thoughts. Keep short, make any suggestion, and let the readers provide you with rest of information through commenting.

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