UI Designer and Developer - Argi Griego

Datalytics Technology



When Datalytics Technology Ltd came up to me, asking as to re design and create the new appearance from ugly to super attractive, there was no doubt that, I would fell in love with Technologies even more. Datalytics and the associates, were up to the point, explaining me the needs they had, how the old websites have been hacked, the reason why I chose to be part of the Datalytics Technology Ltd, DAT as known internally, was that exact thing, To personally evolve through the opportunities that the company promised to give me to learn something new, though since there was plenty to do, that never happened, I still had not only the design, but also to attach presentations with Academic

Datalytics Technology Ltd, gave to me and my colleague, Greyhamne, the opportunity to achieve the goals, and all goals have been achieved, since all Directors for the time being, were pleased, Office Managers, and not only, were pleased and we kept both to offer the best results not only for the company but also for the clients, NHS, was one of the approaches, and also other clients, to Jersey Island, all of them trying to get in touch with the new features to soon were supposed to be revealed.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge of the project was to keep communication under control. As for the company, there was the use of Sharepoint, since the company owns an account with Microsoft, so kept the designing tools only to per month pay of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, still did not had any versions of vectoring, like, Indesign, Illustrator, or for any prototyping at the time being. Before me entering as member of the ¨Team¨, there was a messy communication process that left no options to all members claim the importance of their TO DO list as FIRST of all.

My colleague and I, created a ticketing system for the platform as to prioritise jobs and tasks in daily basis, and that way fulfil all tasks in a row of entrance and value via the Internet team.

The design that went first online was that of Datalytics Technology, from a template of a Web in a box, went online as a TRUE  unique web page, excited the Associates, all Directors and everyone was looking to something new, very appropriate, very demanding, and up to date as per technology,  plus the most important of all: SAFE from hacking.

Customers were able to retrieve all additional info, search online of what was the company all about, all the amazing job was truly showing up that there was no doubt about the professionalism of me and my colleague, as professionals, who delivered the goal of the first website. . SEO campaigns for all three websites, though that was not on my contract, as to additionally help the company show up to High rank without pay, all by the book, through my personal blog, a personal blog that is not a company, never was, and never will be, as most people think or claim to with no evidence.

UI Designer and Developer - Argi Griego

Technologies used:

  • Local host (Xamp)
  • WordPress installation with no plugins
  • Implementation and Advanced custom fields as only plugin for creating the template
  • Bootstrap for responsive design as mobile first
  • Yoast plugin for SEO programming
  • Ftp uploading : filezilla
  • SEO keywording: Google Keyword planner


Rebirth to the logo and rebirth of Branding, as well.  Geometry and rest of designing lines, visual content and vectoring impressed owners and clients, attached to all paperwork and Presentations, pdf files, all three logos and designing vectoring were created so that the members of the companies, can use them properly, establishing a consistency,  who with enthusiastic approach, established the online presence to visit. People took advantage to also get more info from the LinkedIn page, so that made the page more popular and accurate.

Social media & Inbound marketing

I created the SEO Google campaign, attached it to the website through the platform´s CMS and as to achieve the brand awareness, I took charge as to per time to time  inbound marketing for Datalytics Technology: Content marketing, SEO, Marketing automation, Email campaigns, Lead nurturing strategies, Marketing analysis. All were prepared by me, for the usage of the members, still for the time I were back at the office, there was no response to my innovative ideas. There were so many projects running, and Executives were using their personal contacting as targeting traffic, so there was no need to use them!