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When Publishing house Libreria Española Nikolopoulos asked for my assistance as argi-griego.com, knew well that there was no way I would not satisfy the needs they had with my services and variety of skill set, offering the most well based experience they ever had so far.

Libreria Española Nikolopoulos gave me the green light as to perform prototyping through Adobe XD, and in almost no time the prototyping was ready flawless and super designed.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge of the project was the e-shop and SEO campaign design and promotion. As for the design, Libreria Española Nikolopoulos, went first online as a unique one static page, where all books where online more or less, and there was a poor design and lots of information.

Customers were unable to search for a book since there were no visual organising or search bar, therefore, Libreria Española Nikolopoulos, was in lack of low or no sales online as webpage, as there was no SEO, so without taking advantage of the power of www, Social Media, e-marketing, targeting campaigns. etc.

The Concept

Under short research, and confirming the design lines, as for the final web layout, Libreria Española Nikolopoulos, accepted my prototyping sketches through Adobe XD software use.

Style, Geometry, Search bars, as Google reference, and the logo on top center of all, shows how much, the bookstore from an online one page presence became the favourite web hotspot of plenty of clients and friends browser.

N, stands for Nikolopoulos, as the surname of the company´s owners, CEO, Sotiris Nikolopoulos and Kostantia (Ntina) Nikolopoulou, the ultimate style for the letter, not changed but kept as per consistency, center located, not to be missed.

Since I like to play bit more with the design, did not just stayed there. I added more details on the background, so that it become more content rich and visually strong and engage peoples stay for longer period.

UI Designer and Developer - Argi Griego

Technologies used:

  • Local host (Mamp)
  • WordPress installation with no plugins
  • Implementation and Advanced custom fields as only plugin for creating the template
  • Bootstrap for responsive design as mobile first
  • Yoast plugin for SEO programming
  • Ftp uploading : filezilla
  • SEO keywording: Google Keyword planner


So somehow like that, there was their consistent branding rebirth.  Geometry and rest of designing lines, visual content and vectoring impressed owners and clients who with enthusiastic approach, established the online presence of the webpage as one of the highest high rank e-shops to visit. People take advantage to also get a selfie with a product and use the power of Social Media Facebook page as to become member of the N family.

The e-shop

With no doubt, the central approach visually for the bookstore, was always meant to be the book.

Therefore, e-shop I designed visually gives you no doubt about being into a bookstore, but the way presented, gives you no choice not to miss your favorite subject, category, publication, language etc.

Using the power of high technology platforms, I had the opportunity to create a plugin sequence chain, in order to always provide with all info needed, as User Experience and User Interface design. The responsive way of designing the website (Bootstrap), gives you a unique mobile first opportunity, as you can always navigate from any device, mobile, iPad or tablet, or all operating systems.

Libreria Española Nikolopoulos, participating to the46th Festival of Books in Zappeion Megaron 2017

Youtube Channel

As I always give point to last minute details, I decided to reach furthermore and use all online tools of Google, and Youtube was my number one Channel design.

Multimedia videos are online on the Youtube channel, and from time to time, through graphic animation, Libreria Española Nikolopoulos, tries to reach for the audience through all platforms there are online, with one goal: Combine the words quality and sales and transform them to Libreria Española Nikolopoulos.

Social media & Inbound marketing

Having in mind the achieve more traffic through the e-shop, I created the SEO Google campaign, attached it to the website through the platform´s CMS and as to achieve the brand awareness, I took charge as to per time to time (proper Social Media Strategy plan) and use inbound marketing for Libreria Española Nikolopoulos: Content marketing, Landing pages, SEO, Social media, Marketing automation, Email campaigns, Lead nurturing strategies, Marketing analysis. All that the visitor needs as to begin and maintain his journey through the webpage making his experience unique, pleasant and willing to come back not just once but more times, making him last but not least, an evangelist of the brand!

Social Media Inbounding Libreria