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The science of healthy skin

Corneotherapy is an innovative and progressive method of rehabilitation and treatment of the skin.
It has been shown that healthy skin can be obtained and optimised skin immune function by preventing or reducing inflammation in the tissue structure.

This is achieved by the use of preventive and non-invasive interventions mainly related to the repair and restoration of the stratum corneum and its immune system, i.e. the skin barrier.

Skin barrier

The skin barrier consists mainly of ceramides, cholesterol and palmitic acid. They appear in the form of joined bilayers of protruding tiles with cholesterol molecules, which are attached to the sphinous part of the tiles.
In this regard, it is suggested to use skin care products with the same or at least similar composition and structure. This was made possible by the invention of dermal membrane simulation qualities.
They usually contain ceramides, phytosterols (cholesterol-like) and hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine with chemically bound palmitate and stearic acid. These ingredients are normal and easily incorporated into the natural skin balance.

The healthy and functional skin barrier provides total protection against dehydration, penetration of microbes, allergens, irritants, free radicals and radiation. Protection protects the progressive healing of inflammation and other skin problems as external irritants and pathogens are excluded from the intact and intact skin barrier.

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