Success Stories: Podcasting with Dr. Spyros Varthis

September 12, 2017 argigriego No comments exist

All Success Stories have a beginning: my Podcasting with Dr. Spyros Varthis is one of the Greatness success Stories ever. Has been sometime since I though, about creating this Podcasting Success stories, and actually, Dr. Spyros Varthis, was the one who pushed me to the limits, till I got my very first podcasting LIVE.

So, in that case, I decided to not only Podcasting people with Success Stories, but also ask Dr. Spyros Varthis, about his achievements, personal things, lifestyle, thoughts and most of all, Secret of his Success Story. Dr. Spyros Varthis, brings to us,


“Broad Lessons from a Professor and his Study in Dental Education.”
Interview & Article in collaboration with Schoology


With no further do, I present you Dr. Spyros Varthis. That is his part of the story as said from himself.

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